Tattoos can be a great way to express yourself, but over time your tastes may change, leaving you with a seemingly permanent work of art that you regret. At JDV Med Spa in Canton and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, James Franz, DO and Kelly Melton, NP offers tattoo removal using cutting-edge PicoSureⓇ laser technology. Learn more by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today. We have performed over 10,000 successful tattoo removals! Call us today and we will help erase that tattoo forever!

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How does tattoo removal work?

If you find yourself with a tattoo you regret, there are several safe and effective removal methods available, including dermabrasion, surgical removal, and laser treatment.

Dermabrasion uses an abrasive wheel to sand your skin and results can be unpredictable. Surgical removal is effective but leaves a scar and is only realistic for small tattoos.

At JDV Med Spa, Dr. Franz  and Kelly Melton, NP offers laser tattoo removal using the cutting-edge PicoSure laser for effective, predictable results with minimal pain or risk of side effects.

PicoSure’s groundbreaking PressureWave™ technology uses a powerful surge of energy to heat and dissolve unwanted tattoo ink. Depending on your tattoo’s size and colors, multiple treatments may be required, but PicoSure’s ability to work with your body means minimal healing time is needed in between sessions.

What can I expect during a PicoSure treatment?

During your treatment, Dr. Franz uses the picosecond laser to target tattoo ink specifically without harming your surrounding tissue. The laser works with your body to break up tattoo ink into dust-size particles that are then absorbed by your body and eliminated through your lymphatic system.

Before he begins, Dr. Franz can apply a numbing cream to your skin to minimize discomfort, but most people compare the experience to a slight stinging sensation, like being snapped by a rubber band.

Unlike other laser removal options, PicoSure eliminates even the most difficult to treat tattoos, including colorful tattoos and black ink. If you’ve previously tried laser tattoo removal with poor results, PicoSure can make a positive difference. A typical procedure takes just 10-15 minutes and causes minimal discomfort.

You may experience some redness or swelling in the treatment area, but any side effects typically dissipate on their own within 1-3 hours post-treatment.

What are the benefits of PicoSure laser tattoo removal?

PicoSure’s quick and gentle technology means you can achieve your desired results without disrupting your life. Since treatments typically take less than 20 minutes a session, you can schedule an appointment during your lunch break and immediately return to work after. Other benefits include:

  • Minimal swelling and redness
  • Very little pain, if any
  • No need to cover up after treatment

While PicoSure tattoo removal is generally safe for everyone, it does require a healthy immune system. If you’re on immunosuppressive drugs or have an immunocompromising condition, talk to Dr. Franz before beginning treatment. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, Dr. Franz may recommend that you postpone tattoo removal.

To learn about your tattoo removal options, call JDV Med Spa or book an appointment online today.